Affidavit Forms

Simply a sworn statement of fact, an affidavit can be one of the most powerful legal tools and documents you ever use. Coming from the Medieval Latin for “he has declared upon oath,” an affidavit is an official sworn statement that can be used in serious legal cases. It’s not hard to see how this can have a major impact on your life.

People will sign affidavits in the presence of professionals like notary publics in order to have a valid third-party witness verify that a sworn statement has indeed been made official. That’s why these affidavits can hold up so well in court – and it’s why this is one legal form you’ll want to be aware of.

It’s important that you make sure you have an affidavit form that contains all of the necessary components of a legal affidavit, including:

A commencement – this identifies the “affiant,” or the person making the statement.

Averments – the actual claims being made as facts.

Statement of truth – this is where the person making the statement affirms the truth of what they’re saying, making them guilty of perjury if they have lied.

Attestation – a clause confirming the oath and its date.

Signatures – of both the person making the declaration and the people affirming its validity.

Once created and signed, these affidavits will hold a high amount of legal power. They’re typically used in cases in which a witness may not want to reveal their identity in court, or in voter registration cases to verify that the truth is being told.

If you’ve never used an affidavit before – making sure you download one from the right source will be paramount to ensuring you’ve downloaded a secure, ironclad legal document. Click on the links below to check out an affidavit of your own and to review exactly what they entail.