Employment Forms

Hiring a new employee can be a difficult process. Sure, the goal of an employee is to outsource much of your work onto someone else – especially if you’re a small business. But when you add issues like insurance, benefits, payroll taxes, and other legal obligations, you start to realize just how daunting of a task new employee hiring can be.

It’s important to simplify this daunting task down to size by using employment forms that consolidate each process. Not only do you need to have your new hires in writing, but you need to make sure that the job itself – including details like pay and benefits – are put into writing and agreed to by the person you’re hiring.

Buying and or finding a free employment document is the quickest way to ensure that your company is handling new employee hiring professionally. But it takes more than professionalism to make successful hires every time – it takes a legal mindset and a nose for the right employment forms.

These employment forms can range from service agreements to offer letters, and it’s important that you get each one of them right. Thanks to the resources available on internet, the legal forms you need will always be at arm’s length when the time to hire new people arrives.

Use the employment forms we mention below as a learning tool to help you understand what you get your company into every time you hire someone new. Be sure to check out all the relevant sample employment forms in order to ensure that you’re not missing anything at any step in the process – you’ll be glad you took the precautions later. Once you have these forms ready to go, the hiring process will be easier than ever.

Attorney-Prepared Employment Forms

Employment Agreement – Long Form Employment Agreement – Short Form Employment Agreement – Independent Contractor Employment Agreement – Key Employee & Executives Sales Representative Agreement Distribution Agreements Service Agreements Purchasing Agency Agreement Employee Confidentiality Agreement Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreements Employment Application Form Employee Handbook Template Employee Severance & Termination Documents

Free Employment Forms

Sample Employment Agreement Sample Independent Contractor Agreement Sample Sales Representative Agreement Sample Service Agreement Sample Purchasing Agency Agreement Sample Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample Non-Solicitation Agreement Sample Employment Application Form Sample Employee Severance Agreement Sample Resume Cover Letter Sample Employment Offer Letter Sample Employee Resignation Letter Sample Letter of Recommendation for Employment