Waivers and Releases

Have you ever watched a reality TV show or documentary and wondered how they were able to use certain footage? In many cases, it’s because a waiver or a release has been signed that authorized the footage. But you don’t have to be on TV for waivers and release documents to be a major part of your life; and if you don’t want these important forms to have a negative impact on you, you’ll want to understand what these documents are all about.

Waivers are simply contracts that you sign guaranteeing that you give up a certain type of privilege; in many cases, you’re giving up your right to sue somebody else. (Of course, you can always sue someone, or at least file the lawsuit; whether or not the lawsuit is thrown out will depend on the status of your waiver.)

Releases work in a similar fashion; the term release refers to your actual release of certain rights and privileges as you sign this document.

In order to best understand what you’re signing, of course, the best method is to actually review the waiver or release that you have in front of you. Because there are so many waivers and releases used on a regular basis, it stands to reason that there are many different types of language and documents that you’ll see. That’s why you want to review everything you sign – and that applies to documents of all types, not just waivers and releases.

These waivers and releases will generally be harmless unless they deal with more serious matters. So you’ll want to be sure that what you’re signing does not give up more rights and privileges than you’re willing to give up. Signing a waiver and release will indeed stand up in many court cases and hearings, which is why your signature can make or break certain types of lawsuits.

Attorney-Prepared Releases & Waivers

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